KI/IP Is an Elektro/Ghetto DJ based in The Hague. He started to DJ for fun in his studio and later played at some house parties and raves.

Expect hard crunchy breakbeats with fast electronic sounds and dirty rap lyrics.

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Appearances at Royal Surfclub events:


As a longtime local The Hague based DJ, Doktoro often surprises and surpasses genres. His positive energy and music knowledge will reflect in his emotive DJ sets. Taking you on an epic spiritual dance-floor journey, blending the dark and light aspects of electronic dance music.

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Labeling Mehran as a DJ is a difficult task. Mostly because he walks a quite individual path when it comes to his musical inspiration. This inspiration isn’t driven by a single style or musical genre. Although his roots as a DJ derive from the love for Chigago House, his focus nowadays ranges most of the (electronic) music spectrum. All the variables in his taste do have one major thing in common; finding and sharing real, authentic and exceptional records that have, or will, stand the test of time. Over the years he developed an eye to find those outstanding records.

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On November 23rd come dance with us at our Naughty Boat Party with the biggest lineup of underground DJs to date.

Exclusive Boat Party
 Amazing location w/ a Vintage Sale by the The Hippie Grenade
 Noordereiland, Rotterdam (exact location has been sent to the email you used to buy tickets)

POING Afterparty
 11 to 6 AM
 2 stages all night long
 Schiestraat 16, Rotterdam


– Chill area;
Kendrick Rudy
Lex Anders (ADODA Music)
– Party;
New Year New Me
Miri Floores

– Naughty Cruise Stage;
11am and Merlijn Mollinga (HEF Collective)
Sjoerd AKA off the Mountain
– Naughty Yacht Stage;
Dano C (Dungeon Signals)
Virgil Delion
Miri Floores
Sander van Veen


A work/social intervention curated and installed by Berk Duygun, a social intervention, and dystopian situation artwork. Questioning a post-climate change dystopian world, what is still important for humankind, where do we meet, how do we meet, and what do we miss in our lives.

The complete work consists of a full exhibition of multiple artists and artworks, selected and curated by Berk Duygun in collaboration with many art & music initiatives from The Hague, Rotterdam and beyond, focused on the local international artist population.

As icing on the cake, a situational piece is placed in a basement. The experience is being in a six hour rave exposed to, instead of normal rave / nightclub aesthetic lights, a constant monochromatic light. Challenging the status quo of the nightlife scene, where individualism is inherent. By literally exposing everyone’s faces, presence and dance moves, and curating their placement surrounding the DJs, the work tried to connect people more while being indulged in almost ritualistic dancing. This was the first of many experiments with the monochromatic light on a ritualistic aspect and proved to unleash quite some energy and power when exposed to it for a long time with intent. 

The basement (an otherwise visually known location for The Hague art and nightlife goer) was filled with 6 tons of sand, relating to the “Life After The Warm Up” concept, where humans would be inclined to artificially look up senses of nature, the sun (monochromatic light) and the nature in between the bare toes.

 Participant Art and Sound Initiatives: Just This Place, Domo Sol, Little Big Doll House, SWitches, and Mushroom Radio 

 Participant Artists: Maarten Keus, Marlot Meyer, Leyla-Nour Benouniche, Pamela Varela, Hannah MQ, Joelle Galloni, Mizu Nazahradke, Ines Delgado, Ella Hebendanz, Soeria van den Wijngaard, Siem Beets, Kin Mun, Esther de Bruin, Malou Bumbum, Giovanni Palmieri, Aruina Nina, Bastian Visch, and Berk Duygun 

 Participant DJs: Gymnasty ( Haris Begic ), Stiib ( Siem Steeb ), Carlos Eperon Beltrán, OilBoy ( Kin Mun ), Jesus Canuto Iglesias & Gökay Atabek, Matthias König Aka Snackbar, Börk ( Berk Duygun ), and HEF Collective. 

 Graphics by Kin Mun and Paula Martínez Bailo 

 Curated by: Berk Duygun

On the 25th and 26th June join us live on Facebook and YouTube for a complete celebration of South Hollands contemporary creative/art scene. Live Music, DJs, Film Directors, Expos, and Multidisciplinary Artists. The goal is to raise awareness and donations toward the Erasmus MC Foundation.

Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Center is leading groundbreaking research to defeat Covid-19. They are currently searching for an effective drug for patients suffering from coronavirus and working towards a vaccine to put an end to this outbreak and prevent a new one.



Thursday 25th June:
 Lucky Blue (Live Band)
 The Tommyrots (Live Band)
 Marinella Iezzi (Singer-Songwriter)
 Just This Palace (Art expo)
 Sydney Rahimtoola x Nadine (DJ Set)
 Laacarnosaa (Federica Notari ) X Girldcc ( Latisha Horstink ) (DJ Set)
 Domo-Sol (Siem Steeb and Kin Mun) (DJ Set)

Friday 26th June:
 Miri Floores (DJ Set)
 Carlos Eperon (DJ Set)
 Lex Anders (DJ Set)
 Berk Duygun (DJ Set)
 Sydney Rahimtoola (DJ Set)
 Sven Peetoom (Film Director), Chris de Krijger (Film Director), Arjen van Doezelaar (Film Director)

Live from Rotterdam and The Hague on Every day is Friday and Royal Surf Club
PARTNERS: Hostel Room RotterdamCultureSparkFamous Hostels

April 24th – Come dance with us at our most ambitious project to date: a 19-hour rave/festival with over 25 DJs, 10 artists, 5 collectives and 3 unique locations. A day to celebrate the underground rave scene with the freshest new talents in the Netherlands.

Brunch Warmup Rave:
 12 to 4 PM
 At Hostel Room Rotterdam (Van Vollenhovenstraat 62, 3016 BK Rotterdam)

A Once in a Time Church Rave:
 4 to 11 PM
 Dance in a beautiful and historic building in the heart of Rotterdam
 At The Church (Museumpark 3, 3015 CB Rotterdam)

POING Afterparty:
 11 to 7 AM
 2 stages all night long at former club BAR
 At Schiestraat 16, Rotterdam.

On September 18th join us to celebrate the Pride at our free event: Naughty Banana x Life after the Warm Up. We begin with a Roller Disco around Rotterdam with DJs on a cargo bike. Afterwards, the beach party begins at Weelde’s well-known Zandbar until 2AM.


 Roller Disco Parade
▻ 3:00PM – 4:30PM: Drinks at Hostel Room’s terrace with DJs
▻ 4:30PM – 6:00PM: Roller Disco around the streets of Rotterdam. The starting point will be at Hostel Room (Van Vollenhovenstraat 62)

 Weelde Zandbar
▻ 6:00PM – 2:00AM: Freedom Beach Party (Marconistraat 39)


• Jetti & Post
• Jeff Solo
• Börk
• Shady Lady
• Sydney Rahimtoola
• Kookkamer Soundsystem
• Fatima Ferrari
• DJ Leroy

Special thanks to Weelde and Hostel Room Rotterdam for hosting this event with us.