La Mer

La Mer is an Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Cellist and Composer, based in The Hague, the Netherlands. She combines her classical roots with her passion for electronic music and creates her own unique sound. She cherishes the idea that genre isn’t the important part of the music, but the flow and progress. She is a resident artist at Radio Grancetta.

‘Formes Différentes’ (“different shapes”) is a glimpse glance of the artist’s changes in life. Formes Différentes as a way to show that the fundamental objects in life do not actually change, but the perspective of it does. The EP’s composition is written as if a cello solo piece was rewritten to an analogue ensemble. La Mer explores sounds and colours using analogue synthesizers and cassette tapes while trying to achieve a warm dream-like sound that surrounds the listener. She encourages the listeners to free up their minds from external
distractions and focus on the “sound bath”, their
thoughts and emotions, but also to allow themselves to rest.

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