Bärk to take the listeners a ritualistic journey, trough a multidisciplinary artistic vision, with a glimpse of possible future. 

His music involves upbeat electronic music on the EBM side, break beats, noisy techno, to blend with experimental ambient-like features. Clashing digitalism with analogue sounds, he is introducing us to the hallucinative as well as the desolate aspects of both cultures. Besides using only existing material, he as well combines them with his b-side production which could be considered as rhythmic combination of noise. 

Starting from underground events with live music production sets during his study years at The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague Netherlands, he DJ’ed at many well established venues such as PIP, Weelde, Ro-town, the Grey Space, mainly in Rotterdam-The Hague areas of the Netherlands.

He is also known for his organisation, Royal Surfclub, which hosted many events in Rotterdam and The Hague area, featuring more than a 100 DJs, and artists so far since it has been founded.

BäRK on SoundCloud | Instagram | Spotify

Appearances on Royal Surfclub events:



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