We’re thrilled to announce that Royal Surfclub will be hosting a second takeover at Kiosk Radio Brussels on 22nd of April.

As an online community radio streaming 24/7 from a wooden shack in the heart of Brussels’ historic “Parc Royal”.

On our second appearance at the wooden cabinet, we will be featuring an hour set of BäRK, with Raz van Isaak‘s over the top light installation specifically made for Kiosk.

Check BäRK‘s appearances at Royal Surfclub events on: BäRK

Watch the stream live on: https://kioskradio.com/

Come and be a part of the King’s Night madness: an unforgettable evening of electrifying beats and sets. Royal Surfclub showcases the best talent from The Hague and beyond, pushing boundaries and setting new standards as true visionaries.

For this second edition, Royal Surfclub has thoughtfully curated a lineup of talented DJs and artists, who will make you move and groove long into the night.

An exhilarating basement rave and entrancing light shows have customarily been prepared for your own enjoyment. Dance to rhythmic beats and ascend from our basement onto the ground floor to have a drink and meet like-minded creatives in an immersive atmosphere.


Hailing from the westcoast of the Netherlands, Jelly got inspired by the musical legacy of her hometown The Hague. The harsh sound of underground electro, acid and techno is still present in every set, often mixed up with other fast paced, highly energetic bangers. After setting fire to multiple dancefloors and hosting a series of her own curated nights she finally became a resident of the club where she started out playing her first gigs; Het Magazijn.

Even though Het Magazijn had to close doors due to the pandemic, Jelly remained to be a frequently invited artist because of her strong underground acumen. Nowadays Jelly is often seen playing in clubs like Perron in Rotterdam (where she is a resident now), Tresor in Berlin, at festivals such as The Crave in The Hague and appeared in radio shows including Future Intel and 3FM’s livebox.

For bookings contact:
Vanessa Vassallo | vanessa@vassallo.nl
Jelly on Soundcloud | Instagram

Appearances on Royal Surfclub Events


Get ready for an electrifying night of music, dancing, and unforgettable memories! Our second event at PIP promises to be even better than the first, with an amazing lineup of talented DJs who will keep you moving and grooving all night long. From the underground sounds of Jelly to the visionary beats of Bärk and the experimental tracks of Alex Gordiy, this event will be a feast for the ears and a celebration of electronic music at its finest.

But that’s not all – we’re taking things to the next level with an incredible production that will transport you to another world. With stunning visuals, mind-blowing lighting, and a sound system that will make you feel every beat in your bones, this event promises to be an immersive experience like no other.

Join us on April 8th at PIP for a night you won’t forget. Tickets are limited and selling fast, so don’t miss your chance to be part of the excitement. See you on the dancefloor!

Line Up



Alex Gordiy

We’re thrilled to announce that Royal Surfclub will be hosting a special hour-long takeover at Kiosk Radio Brussels on March 5th. 

As an online community radio streaming 24/7 from a wooden shack in the heart of Brussels’ historic “Parc Royal”.

For this special occasion, we’re excited to feature Parisian DJ Vicx, known for her high-energy sets and masterful ability to create an electric atmosphere with euphoric moments and classic techno beats. As a rising star in the industry, this will be Vicx’s debut outside of the Netherlands, and we can’t wait to share this experience with you.

Tune in to Kiosk Radio on March 5th between 16:00-17:00 to experience the magic of Royal Surfclub and Vicx.

Come join us to be a part of our journey as we take our first step outside of the Netherlands!

Check Vicx’s appearances at Royal Surfclub events on: Vicx

Watch the stream live on: https://kioskradio.com/

Come by for the kick-off gathering of Royal Surf Club as they embark on a new international journey with their artists. This exclusive event is a rare opportunity to rub elbows with talented DJs and artists in the electronic music scene, in an intimate and exclusive setting.

As visionaries in the electronic music scene, Royal Surf Club strive to provide their artists and DJs with the opportunity to reach wider audiences and make an impact in the industry. In line with this goal, they will be programming limited events in The Hague city to focus on expanding our mission to new horizons. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the elite community of electronic music enthusiasts and be the first to know about Royal Surf Club’s upcoming events and projects.

○ 01.00–02.00: ViCX

Known for her high-energy sets that are filled with euphoric moments and groovy basslines, Parisian DJ Vicx is a master at creating an electric atmosphere that gets the crowd moving. Her sets are a melting pot of different styles, from powerful vocals to classic techno beats, making for a truly unforgettable experience that gets the crowd moving.

As an emerging artist, Vicx has already established herself as by creating an electric atmosphere and euphoric moments. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this rising star perform and be a part of the start of her journey in the industry.

○ 23.00–01.00: ARTÉMIS

Get ready to experience an electrifying set by ARTÉMIS – a Romanian DJ based right here in The Hague. Known for her genre-bending sounds, ARTÉMIS will take you on a sonic journey through global bass, 90s rave, and fast-paced house. With her unique blend of familiar and unfamiliar sounds, ARTÉMIS is guaranteed to keep you moving all night long.

As the co-founder of NL-based collective VERSE and a resident DJ at Maxi Radio and La Collectif, she has solidified herself as a rising star in the electronic music scene. Catch her at the Royal Surf Club kick-off gathering and witness her passion for fresh sounds and unique musical identities. Don’t miss this chance to see one of the most exciting up-and-coming DJs in the scene.

○ 21.00–23.00: BäRK

Berk Duygun, aka Bärk, is an electronic music visionary and true artist, known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of electronic music. He has curated and hosted over 100 DJs and artists and is dedicated to providing a stage for undiscovered and upcoming artists.

Bärk’s unique blend of upbeat electronic beats, break beats, and experimental ambient-like features takes listeners on a journey through his artistic vision. His performances are known for their ability to create an electric atmosphere and leave audiences spellbound, craving more. With a growing reputation as one of the exciting local DJs in The Hague electronic music scene, Bärk is a force to be reckoned with.

We have been invited to one of the greatest events, where 18 collectives will come together at Grey Space in the Middle.

Two of our core DJs, Stiib & BäRK will open the basement from 21:00 until 22:30!

Event Link

Did you know The Hague has a lot of beautiful creative initiatives and collectives? On December 23 we are celebrating a fusion, and we showcase what The Hague has to offer. 

18 collectives, 12 hours, 1 night. 
With each other, for each other. 
A unique moment.

From 17:00 to 5:00 you can visit The Grey Space in the Middle for a good drink, the best tunes, art, light, sounds, merchandise, and a steamy club basement. 
Presale? Yes, 11 euros – via website The Grey Space.
Tickets are also available at the door for 12 euros. 

Come and see what’s going on under the radar and feel how cozy it is here. 

Keep your eye on this page or follow @hetmagazijn.club and @uithetgareel on insta to be informed about the program and timetable! 

Fusie Club Den Haag // FC DEN HAAG;

Uit Het Gareel
Het Magazijn 
The Grey Space in the Middle
Disco in Paradise 
Fish Tapes
Future Intel 
Royal Surf Club 
Sayyad Station
Atelier Kost
Espresso Records

Artwork by our dear Rosaline van der Horst!

This event is powered by: 
PopUnie Music Support 
POP Projectregeling Popmuziek Den Haag

We are ecstasic to announce that as Royal Surfclub, we are having hosting our first event at PIP’s infamous stage: Bunker!

From 23:30, until 04:30, our guest DJs VicX from France, Isa from Spain/UK , BaRK are going to a unique auditory experience on the heavy, dark side of the spectrum. 

Raz and his magic team are turning the inside/outside of Bunker Stage into an entire work of light installation, to give the PIP audience one of the most unique Bunker experience.

Line Up:





J.J.Lantirn from East-Germany,is already more then 15 years,based in the hague with his heart for electronical music,from electro,detroit,acid,house and ambient.he signed at platenlabels as Bunker records and murdercapital with his buddy Hellboii under the name Freak the Maschine ,and other projects as E.S.T. more continue soon…..

J.J. Lantern on Instagram

Appearances on Royal Surfclub events: