We have been invited to one of the greatest events, where 18 collectives will come together at Grey Space in the Middle.

Two of our core DJs, Stiib & BäRK will open the basement from 21:00 until 22:30!

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Did you know The Hague has a lot of beautiful creative initiatives and collectives? On December 23 we are celebrating a fusion, and we showcase what The Hague has to offer. 

18 collectives, 12 hours, 1 night. 
With each other, for each other. 
A unique moment.

From 17:00 to 5:00 you can visit The Grey Space in the Middle for a good drink, the best tunes, art, light, sounds, merchandise, and a steamy club basement. 
Presale? Yes, 11 euros – via website The Grey Space.
Tickets are also available at the door for 12 euros. 

Come and see what’s going on under the radar and feel how cozy it is here. 

Keep your eye on this page or follow @hetmagazijn.club and @uithetgareel on insta to be informed about the program and timetable! 

Fusie Club Den Haag // FC DEN HAAG;

Uit Het Gareel
Het Magazijn 
The Grey Space in the Middle
Disco in Paradise 
Fish Tapes
Future Intel 
Royal Surf Club 
Sayyad Station
Atelier Kost
Espresso Records

Artwork by our dear Rosaline van der Horst!

This event is powered by: 
PopUnie Music Support 
POP Projectregeling Popmuziek Den Haag

We are ecstasic to announce that as Royal Surfclub, we are having hosting our first event at PIP’s infamous stage: Bunker!

From 23:30, until 04:30, our guest DJs VicX from France, Isa from Spain/UK , BaRK are going to a unique auditory experience on the heavy, dark side of the spectrum. 

Raz and his magic team are turning the inside/outside of Bunker Stage into an entire work of light installation, to give the PIP audience one of the most unique Bunker experience.

Line Up:





J.J.Lantirn from East-Germany,is already more then 15 years,based in the hague with his heart for electronical music,from electro,detroit,acid,house and ambient.he signed at platenlabels as Bunker records and murdercapital with his buddy Hellboii under the name Freak the Maschine ,and other projects as E.S.T. more continue soon…..

J.J. Lantern on Instagram

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‘ZOBAYDA’ is an Egyptian interdisciplinary artist and DJ based in Rotterdam. Combining the sounds of the SWANA region and playing an eclectic collection of middle eastern techno, electro, afrotech, techno, house, acid, trance, and more.

Zobayda on SoundCloud | Instagram

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Rotterdam based DJ Shahmaran is a DJ as well as resident and programmer for KLAUW collective, a queer POC club night and community platform. Focusing on energy rather than genre, DJ Shahmaran takes inspiration from genres like rave, jungle, juke, electro, and anything and everything carried through breakbeat rhythms.

DJ Shahmaran on SoundCloud | Instagram

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Luas’ music can be describe as groovy music with uptempo beats, blended with old school rave elements. He is one of the founders of FOMO, which is a very active concepts of Rotterdam, which organised many events in most known venues of the city.

Luas on SoundCloud | Instagram | FOMO

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Cyberboy blends post punk, new wave, and IBM, with old school electronic music tunes to take his listeners into a dark, but as well as danceable journey.

Together with his group, started Maxi Radio, after their favourite clubs got closed one by one in Leiden.

Cyberboy on SoundCloud | Instagram | | More

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