Royal Surfclub Presents: High-Tech Low-Life

We are thrilled to invite to one of the most unique event we ever hosted: to a synthetic, futuristic dystopia. Which both the Grey Space, and Royal Surfclub is going to push the boundaries of the gallery space. 

There will be many first times prepared just for you:

Music on BOTH floors, until 05:00 o’clock, both floors will be pitch dark.

All night long SILENT DARK DISCO at the entrance floor, live AI VJ’ing coded by Leo Scarin,

Proper light shows / installations, prepared by RAZ of Rotterdam, and smoke machines on BOTH FLOORS,

“Bergain”, a high tech cocktail which is designed by The Grey Space & Royal Surfclub, exclusively made for this night,

DJ booths will be prepared as nearly as it can get to art installations, 

Pushing the maximum guest capacity as Grey Space & Royal Surfclub,

+12 DJs

We humbly & kindly invite you to a different world, to a future that we all are afraid to live in, 
to go trough an all night long catharsis together.

While we are improving our technology and science in a rapid speed, the quality of our lives is in a downward spiral, along with the society itself. 
Are we forgetting the soul here, while we are turning ourselves into high-tech beings.

This edition of Royal Surfclub is dedicated to William Gibson’s life changing novel Neuromancer, inspired directly by his Night City, and the dark, despotic world that he has been created.

Line Up:
DJ Shahmaran
Some Saturn
Lili Radovic 
La Mer 

Leo Scarin

Light Installations:

Basia Jagiello