Royal Surf Radio

Royal Surfclub PIP Takeover | 01 OCT 2022

On the 1st of October, we turned @pip-den-haag ‘s ultimate Bunker stage into a totally different universe, which ended up as one of our most packed events.

We invited 4 uprising artists from 4 different nationalities, to play 4 different styles of electronic music & techno.

Royal Surfclub @ Weelde – Back in R’Dam | 25 AUG 2022

Two years ago, we hosted our last event in the city at the very same location: Weelde.
Now, after becoming one of the main events of the Hague for the art & electronic music scene, it is time to get back to the city where Royal Surfclub has started. 

More about the event…

Royal Surf Club – Operator Radio – AUG 06 2022: KI/IP & BäRK

Royal Surfclub is taking over Operator Radio, for a celebration of their first event in Rotterdam after two years.

Focusing on mashing up the local heroes with newcomers, the organisation became one of the Hague’s well known series of events with their artistic vision.The Surfclub hosted many events on the last three years, with unique concepts, in both art galleries and well known venues in both Rotterdam / The Hague area.

On this take over, Royal Surfclub invited KI/IP & BäRK to showcase the visitors what to expect on the 25th of August at Weelde.

REC: Life After The Warm Up 1.1 – Part 1

On January 14 and 15th ’22, we have invited 6 initiatives & collectives from all around The Netherlands, to host their resident DJ at the basement of well known art gallery The Grey Space in the Middle.

The event was streamed live on Maxi Radio.

Naughty Banana X Life After The Warm Up – SEP 18 2020

On September 18th we celebrated the Pride at our free event: Naughty Banana x Life after the Warm Up. We will begin with a Roller Disco around Rotterdam with DJs on a cargo bike. Afterwards, the beach party took place at Weelde’s well-known Zandbar until 2AM.