Kimmah is fascinated by decaying concrete basements and forgotten industrial structures. It is those sort of places she soundtracks with her high-energy DJ sets which mix up raw, dark yet funky electro from all points on the spectrum. She only started when the pandemic hit, but has already made an indelible mark on her local scene in Rotterdam as a resident at FOMO. Her swift rise is a testament to the irresistible grit and sleaze of her selections, the infectious bump and grind of her beats, and the thrilling ghetto textures of her grooves.

Kimmah was born in Utrecht, spent some time studying in Berlin and settled in Rotterdam shortly before the pandemic hit. When it kept her away from the dance floor connections she loved so much, she decided to make them for herself. She spent the whole of lockdown locked up and working on some old CDJs and turntables. She came out the other side with a terminator DJ style that never lets up and draws on acid, breaks, ghetto, punk and rap vocals, nasty basslines or hard- hitting rhythm. It is an electrifying style that is always full of surprises.

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