Life After the Warm Up 1.1: Core Digital

Questioning a post-climate change / post-covid dystopian world, what is still important for humankind, where do we meet, how do we meet, and what do we miss in our lives.

We have invited 6 different initiatives from different sides of the entire Netherlands, to meet at an in-between / digital version of the sand party: Life After the Warm Up 1.1: Core Digital

After being quiet, and not being able to organise those 16 hours Rave / Art parties as we used to, we wanted to hear the stories of different groups, initiatives that managed to be still active within those two years. 

The legendary basement of the Grey Space in the Middle, which was filled with 6 tons of sand in the last event at 2019, will be transformed into a forum space with DJ sessions, talk shows, performative acts for two days straight.

Both days will be live streamed on Maxi Radio & Royal Surfclub 


14 January

15:00-17:00 : Royal Surfclub ( The Hague )
Stiib / Io
17:00-18:00 : Talks
18:00-20:00 : FOMO ( Rotterdam )
Kimmah / Tjetjoebetja / Kookkamer Sound-System ( visuals by Jane Bregkotte ) 
20:00-22:00 : Maxi Radio ( Leiden )
Hotshotkid / Cyberboy

15 January

15:00-17:00 : Every Day is Friday ( Rotterdam)
Mowgli / Marie
17:00-18:00 : Talks
18:00-20:00 : Open Source Radio ( Nijmegen)
Operating Modus / Loma Doom
20:00-22:00 : Streamline ( The Hague )
22:00-23:00 : Börk

Graphic Design by: Kin Mun