Loma Doom

Loma Doom is the moniker of Amsterdam based Femke Dekker. Best known for her longstanding show Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting on Red Light Radio, she is a beacon of the mesmerisable and a true radio-veteran.Loma Doom is a masterful selector, weaving together dark world music rhythms, moody psychedelia, light-headed folk and slick electronica. Whether you experience her musical activities or those relating to her contemporary arts practice, curiosity is a key aspect gracing Femke Dekker (real name).

In her longstanding Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting on Red Light Radio you are invited to a gifted mind seeking the outliers, one that avoids linearity, towards a space where intuition and understanding meet. As Loma Doom, her signature style revolves around electronic experimentalism, both for mind and movement, while actively incorporating styles predating the computer era, sourcing from her fondness for freak folk, psychedelic and hardcore punk. This openness veered Femke into a category of respected deejays in the leftfield underground, having played influential spots such as Salon Des Amateurs, Meakusma and Dekmantel, amongst others. Parallel to spending her time behind decks and in recordstores, Femke has a multi-faceted practice as contemporary arts curator, moderator and educator.

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