Re-Mix Competition:
Fake Memories Techno Sessions!

It is now your chance to get your re-mix printed on vinyl for our upcoming release:
BöRK – Fake Memories EP

On our new project -which is never done before, we are motivating our music-producers to release their entire Ableton & Akai Projects to the public before their release, along with giving the producers all around the world the chance to have their first vinyl print.

Fill in the form,
Download the Ableton Project & Akai MPC/Force File,
Make your own remix, using only the instruments in the project,
Be creative! The more different your remix is than the original track, the more chance it will have to be printed on vinyl.
Hand in your re-mix before 25 February 2021.

You will get:

Techno Drum Rack ( Audio & MIDI )

•Bass Drum
•Hi-Hat Open
•Hi-Hat Closed

3 Instruments

30 Different Audio Loops & MIDI Patterns:

•15 Drum Loops ( Audio Loops &  MIDI Patterns )
•Bass ( 4 Different Loops & MIDI Patterns )
•Synts ( 7 Different Loops & MIDI Patterns )
•Effect 1 ( 2 Different Loops & MIDI Patterns )
•Effect 2 ( 2 Different Loops & MIDI Patterns )

◙ The Original Track 

•Loseless .wav
•FLAC, & MP3.

Participants are allowed to apply more than one time, by filling in the form & sending the entrance multiple times.

Fake Memories Techno Sessions

Ableton & Akai Projects.