SONGSVANN’s Space Requiem Preview
Recorded with Telefunken M15 2“ 16 Track Analog Tape Recorder

SONGVANN collects all his memories, songs, inspirations of his last 30 year’s in music as an instrumentalist, jazz composer, sound engineer and noise artist only to mash them up with his very own interpretation on contemporary music scene.

His music’s main source on composing is not limited to only melodies or drums, extends to a point where he is using his D.I.Y. reverbs, specific tapes, and even the unique sound characteristics of specific analog samplers, compressors, and ancient graphic equalisers.

To honour this unique approach on music production and composing, we decided to release a very limited edition of only 3 Dub Plates.

Yes, you will be one of the only 3 in the galaxy to have the vinyl edition.

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Songsvann’s Space Requiem

Digital Release


Songsvann’s Space Requiem

Limited Dub Plate Edition of 3, available from May on.