Roale Surf Corporation Silver Coins

Join the Surfclub family, to all our events, with a backstage pass, private gatherings:

Roale Silver – Ethical, Sustainable, Up-Cycled

From electronic-junk to precious metals

While the silver that is used to produce these coins is ‘blood free’ & ‘sustainable’ we only used recycled silver from electronic-junk (e-junk) by an e-waste miner in Europe. 

The coins are minted in U.S.A. which is our stake of proof to avoid any unethical labor and deliver the most premium quality of work to our collectors. 

From the Past to the Future

On the frontal side, it is featuring an Ancient Eastern Roman figure, celebrating his fortune, next to the peak of waves, which is used as a metaphor in the “investment scene” for the peak of the economic charts. On his left hand, he is holding a grape with a stick as the symbol of fresh harvest and fortune. On the right hand he is holding a wine glass, which resembles his past investments into the future gains.

On the opposite side, there is a mandala design, inspired by the vintage CPUs, circuit boards, as the representation of the up-cycling silver from electronic-junk materials.

Berk Duygun uses the CPUs, and CPU-design to establish a link with technology, connecting the monetary aspect with its ancient roots of monetary and socio-economic system , by turning them back into the oldest currencies of the known World. 

Engraved, Polished & Minted by Masters of Minting in U.S.A.

Each coin has its unique serial number, laser engraved on the frontal side, the purity 999, and the weight 1 Oz on the side of the coin.

What makes these silver coins unique is that the DIEs are hand-engraved / sculptured by a mint artist, without using any computer or machinery. After the DIEs are mirror shine polished, the coins are minted using 600 tons Columbia hydraulic press 3 times in a raw. This process is used to make very unique, mirror like looking coins, with way more detailed results of the art work on the coins.

The Currency / Legal Tender

We guarantee you that with these coins you can enter all our events, exhibitions free, will have invitation to non-public & invitation only parties,

You will have free access to all our past & future music releases,

You will be able to convert the silver coins to shop from our website, and from our merchant tents at our events.

You can as well offer us your labor, by offering us your skills, or volunteering at our record label or events.